RCI’s asset location services include link analysis, fund traces, hidden asset searches and analysis of fraudulent transfers, as well as investigative techniques to generate additional leads. RCI has developed the unique capability to locate assets that have been hidden from collection in international “safe havens” as well as in domestic bank and brokerage accounts and has been successful in these initiatives for over 15 years. Asset location searches are used not only in bankruptcy and defaulted debt situations, but also in divorce cases where substantial family wealth is being divided between two parties and other family law cases. Where collection of a judgment is involved, we work as a team with legal counsel to use our international experience and resources to assist in freezing assets for later collection efforts for your client.

The initiatives involved in the performance of financial investigations are often difficult as a result of the fact that the required financial records are closely held, intentionally altered , hidden, or are benefited by financial privacy laws and circumstance. Commonly one finds that the information is available but is so disjointed, or the volume so great that it needs analysis, or more importantly significant interpretation.

Whatever situation you are facing, our resident financial investigators and experts are available to provide assistance. Should you require a financial inquiry which involves itself in misconduct, dispute resolution, due diligence, asset recovery, or litigation, RCI maintains the ability and background that allows for a significant difference.

Financial Investigations

The financial investigators and research analysts of RCI often work together to identify, trace, research financial records and information. The investigators will verify, scrutinize, organize, and then provide accurate financial information and summary which are understandable and presented in a form that is admissible in court proceedings. The ability and background in these areas has made us proficient in finding and explaining accounting records and financial information and as such sets us apart from many more broad based investigative firms. A successfully performed financial investigation does require specialized knowledge and experience. Our financial investigative experts have the benefit of years of experience in reviewing financial records and in providing discovery of fiscal misrepresentations and asset misappropriation. This experience also transcends into areas such as bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, internal and external corporate fraud, embezzlement, theft of intellectual property., financial institution fraud, healthcare fraud, identity theft, securities fraud and environmental liability The computer forensics experts in our firm maintain the ability to recover and analyze computers for lost or deleted data, and provide evidence as to how to the computer was actually employed, at the same time preserving the evidence for discovery purposes. This initiative is performed in conjunction with the financial investigation experts to allow the process to be accomplished in a manner consistent with the scope of the investigationShould you or your business determine that there exists a present need for an answer to financial questions, or an investigation into financial issues or disagreements, RCI maintains the background and experience to assist in these matters.

Our Network Of Resources

Our premier investigative firm maintains a unique position as an international company that assists the personal, business, legal and financial communities by performing due diligence for contemplated transactions and by providing litigation support fact finding and asset search and recovery services for divorce and other family law issues, bankruptcies or defaulted loans. RCI’s abilities are unique and we have extensive sources worldwide, We associate with members of the investigative community as well prior intelligence officers. Our investigators utilize findings drawn from a network of law enforcement organizations, insurance companies and other unique sources. The inquiries and facts obtained are entirely confidential and are obtained in compliance with all applicable law.

Asset Location Services

RCI specializes in the location of all personal and business bank accounts including: checking accounts, savings accounts, safe deposit boxes, all off shore accounts, Swiss, Cayman, Liechtenstein, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South America and all other hidden bank accounts worldwide for judgment recovery.

Our investigative staff can assist in obtaining the financial profile on any individual or company, nationwide or on a international level. RCI will professionally perform the requisite initiatives using a range of discreet and legally compliant methods to obtain the information needed. RCI provides the most comprehensive asset investigations available for your clients. We realize that Judgment recovery can prove to be a daunting challenge. Research indicates that over 80% of civil judgments are never satisfied and lay dormant in a file cabinet after a judgment has been rendered.

Why? Sometimes it’s the law and the financial status of the debtor. Sometimes it’s simply that the judgment creditor does not have the knowledge or time to enforce the satisfaction of their judgment or judgments on their own. RCI Can Help! We are civil asset location specialists. Choosing the judgment recovery solution allows the judgment creditor to benefit from a successful collection – without the hassle of working the judgment or judgments themselves.

RCI Is Your Complete Full Service Solution.

Although we are located in the Baltimore & Washington D.C. corridor, we actively pursue and perform asset locations Nationwide & Internationally for law firms, attorneys, individuals and businesses from around the country. Are you an attorney or private investigator looking for comprehensive asset search information on a debtor or defendant – or who needs a complete asset search on behalf of your client? Are you a civil judgment creditor attempting a judgment collection? Or, do you have proceedings in Family Law court which require an asset search / bank account search / asset investigation?

The key to success throughout all phases of litigation, whether pre-litigation, filed litigation, settlement phase or post-judgment is having solid, reliable information on your subjects. RCI can help! We are a reputable asset locator / bank account search specialist conducting asset investigations on a Nationwide & International basis. Using our asset search services can find hidden assets, including brokerage accounts, CD accounts (certificates of deposit), TD accounts (time deposits), wire transfers and IRA accounts (individual retirement accounts).

We investigate other financial areas as well. Our investigations cover: Nationwide real estate and vehicle holdings, material wealth, hidden tangible assets of all types, and missing or hiding persons located inside the United States or other areas around the world. If you are seeking a proven winner in asset investigative services and want quick answers to complicated scenarios call or email RCI International Process Service LLC today!

ALL Hard Asset Searches will include a search for real estate ownership, boats – aircraft – vehicle ownership, ucc filings, business ownership, partnerships & civil court record searches for judgments (plaintiff & defendant filings). It will include identifying previous addresses linked to the subject of the investigation to determine any possible ownership. It will also attempt to identify any marital status if there is a possibility that such assets could be held in the name of a spouse.

There is a 4 hour minimum requirement for any hard
asset location requested per subject.

We Verify Each And Every Asset We Locate

Hidden Corporations and LLC
Shifted Assets into Relatives’, Friends’, and Partners’ Holdings
Corporate and Business Affiliations
Liens and Judgments
Criminal Records
Bankruptcy Filings
Drivers License Information
UCC Filings
Bank Account Search
Real and Personal Properties Owned
Employment Search
Investment Searches
Bank Account Balance Verifications
Safe Deposit Boxes
Offshore and Foreign Financial Bank Accounts
Mortgages and Similar Financial Instruments
Overpayments to Creditors
Hidden Funds in Life Insurance
Stockbroker Accounts
Credit Cards
Dissolved or Inactive Corporations
Cars and Commercial Vehicles
Savings Bonds
Due Diligence
Travelers and Cashier’s Checks
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Security Consulting
Photos of Unknown Subjects
Identity Verification
Public Records Search
USA Patriot Act Ready
Covert Background Investigations


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