Real Property Asset Searches

Computerized Real Estate Searches: $100.00

Does your target own real estate inside the United States?

We can conduct various basic computer searches by name, address or state. It will provide the current owner(s) information as listed within the respective county of origin as well as multiple properties recorded within the same state for a particular subject.

Pre-litigation research. Discover before hand if your target has any assets!


Real Estate Property Search Basic Report: $100.00

A search is conducted for current owner’s name, property type, characteristics & location.
You will receive all the basic data, plus mortgage tax assessment, a brief legal description and other property details.

Often times a Basic Report may be insufficient for judgment enforcement.
It can give you a starting point to justify conducting more in-depth
research into your subject’s complete holdings.


We have no control over common names. In some cases the property may be in joint ownership, which would determine the true John Smith as the one you are seeking.

Therefore, your request should indicate the County with the respective state.

Detail Property Report: $175.00

Comprehensive property information as listed above, plus mortgage, tax, assessment, brief legal description,prior sale facts and other property details.

Title History Report: $375.00

Same as above two listed reports, plus compiled segments of real estate records compiled from the County Tax Assessor’s Office, that mostly contains property history records that are not typically available on conventional Basic Property Reports or Detailed Property Reports.

Legal & Vesting Report Information: $450.00

This is a property description of a specific parcel; recognized by law and acceptable to the courts in that county and state, |and which is sufficient to locate and identify the property without oral testimony, and allows an independent surveyor to locate and identify it. Vesting is the property owner(s) name, status and manner in which title of ownership is held with affixed or determinable interest in a particular parcel of real property. Real Estate Property Records are public information in the United States. Real property records are generally filed with and kept on a County level from two major governmental sources: County Recorder’s or Courthouse & Property Tax Assessor’s Office.

Only a few years ago, acquiring property information necessitated going to the local recorder’s office, waiting in lines and often filling out forms and paying a fee for each copy of a property record. Advancements in high-speed Internet communications have made it possible to employ electronic property searches and deliver millions of real property records within 72 hours of requesting.Within flexible search options there is often no need to have the exact property address in order to run a fruitful search. A search using property owner’s last name or a business name is one of the options available to our subscribers; this type of property search request can be expanded to find matches within the entire state.Having access to this much diverse real estate data presents many technological challenges and many unique opportunities. Regrettably, some counties still are not modernized enough to offer up-to-the-minute updates in a timely fashion, yet we do monitor all available sources and incorporate the most recent transactions and title transfers into our search system.

Our Basic or Detailed Property Reports do not contain Title History or Legal & Vesting records. The property Title History report (also called transaction History Report) is moderately different and principally deals with chronological events of financial transactions and ownership and title transfer on a property. The legal & vesting report consist of two distinct factors; the legal part deals with property legal description and the vesting part deals with property ownership, status and manner in which title of ownership is held (title vesting). Our Legal & Vesting report also includes data on current property taxes.

All property searches are anonymous and strictly confidential. No search records are kept, no third party is notified. Search for property records can be performed by property owner name or business, by location address or Assessor’s Parcel Number.

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