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REGULAR SEARCH Results within 60 days $ 295.00
RUSH SEARCH Results within 30 days $ 485.00
PRIORITY SEARCH Results within 10 days $ 895.00
IMMEDIATE SEARCH Results within 48 Hours $1,395.00

Since 2004, RCI has been offering proven investigative research capabilities in searching for
defendants, witnesses, beneficiaries,  property owners, shareholders, class action recipients,
missing persons, lost clients and debtors on a local, statewide, national and international level with a 90% success rate in most assignments.

We offer the initial four (4) “No Locate – No Fee” searches under our investigative services
section to limit your client’s exposure to non-productive results  should we not be able to
locate the individual you seek.  These include our Regular Search, Priority Search,
Rush Search and Immediate Search,  which have a range of prices to suit your needs.

Our “No Locate – No Fee” fee is determined by how quickly you need the individual(s)
located and it is  only payable when we are successful. There are no hidden fees or|
disbursements due at the time of placement, but instead ONLY if we are
successful in the location of your subject.


Upon completion of our assignment, we can advise you by telephone,
fax and/or email of the person’s confirmed residence or place of employment.

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Skip tracing is a service which provides an invaluable tool to our clients. We are able to
covertly obtain the home and/or employment address of a subject when he or
she has effectively disappeared from last known locations and can no longer be
contacted due to a variety of reasons. As with the majority of the investigative services
we offer, skip tracing is conducted on a fixed-fee basis. Prompt results are
provided even where the available information is minimal or extremely dated.

RCI has often succeeded in locating missing persons whose last known details
consisted of a name only or an address dating back well over a decade.
Such information may be required for a variety of reasons including
the pursuit of legal action or perhaps merely where a relative has lost contact

Results are usually confirmed through multiple sources so that the accuracy is
ensured to the utmost possible degree. Other personal information in regard to
the relevant individual may come to light during the course of our inquiries and
the same is reported to our client at no additional fee should such details
assist in any course of action.

RCI’s Investigative Billable Fee Structure

All searches require pre-payment and are non-cancelable.
If we are to take your case, your request MUST be made in writing.

Orders received after 12:00 PM Eastern Time or on weekends will not be
processed until the following business day.

Office hours Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

For RUSH service on traditional billable skip trace services,
ADD $250.00 to any of the rates quoted below for positive locates.
Rush returns requests are within 24-72 hours from the time RCI receives your request

Statewide Skip Trace Locate

Individual Person:
$100.00 No locate fee vs. $500.00 locate fee
$100.00 No locate fee due at time of placement
Balance due of $400.00 will be billed if productive

Nationwide Skip Trace Locate

Individual Person:
$200.00 No locate fee vs. $950.00 locate fee
$200.00 No locate fee due at time of placement
Balance due of $750.00 will be billed if productive

NOTE: The nationwide fee is automatically billed if we begin a Statewide Skip Search
and we find your subject located outside the target state in which the search began.

Feel free to call upon us at any time with your requests. RCI has the ability on a nationwide or worldwide level to locate individuals who wish to not be found. We have been successfully providing investigative research to clients since 2004 with an investigative staff and resources with over 30 years background experience in their related fields of expertise. We feel confident that we can assist your firm with the support you require to gain the results that your clients expect.

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ordinary and/or if you have any questions
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