Direct Informal Service Requests

Direct Informal Foreign Service Requests for process serving outside of the United States is available in many countries and is strictly prohibited in others either by Hague or Inter-American Convention Treaties or by the actual laws of the countries themselves.

Direct Informal Service Requests are usually preferred, when availability through diplomatic channels of process service are impractical due to the length of time required to obtain service through such channels. It is used to expedite the case and can be achieved by sending one of our agents to the country in question to serve the Defendant or by RCI utilizing third party process servers inside the country where service is required. In some cases, the cost may actually be very close to the diplomatic channels option of serving process. If the need arises, feel free to call our office to discuss your clients’ particular case to determine if this alternative option could be available.

RCI uses many law enforcement, legal and government agents in foreign countries to serve process on our behalf, as well as have the ability to dispatch our own staff at a moments notice, when your case demands immediate attention.

Service by a private agent is possible in many but not all locations throughout the world.

We have agents in many foreign countries who are willing to personally serve U.S. documents and provide affidavits proving service. However, government statues as well as prices vary, depending upon the area in question.

For these reasons, it is impossible to list every international area in this section. Please call to obtain a quote. The general turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks. Rush service is also possible in most areas for an additional fee.

Contact our office for a list of what is needed to prepare the necessary documentation, and specific fees to effect service on your particular request.

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