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RCI provides highly trained close quarter protection personnel ranging from a one on one escort to a team of highly trained agents and full security motorcades. RCI provides many choices to suit each client’s individual needs and requirements, whether it is on a per assignment or long term basis. We pride ourselves in providing discrete protection while employing state of the art methods of protective intelligence and advanced preparations without interfering or intruding with the client’s professional or private affairs. RCI’s handpicked agents are well equipped to respond to immediate threats against individuals, corporations and employees.

RCI’s celebrity protection & entertainment security management services were formed to provide celebrities, entertainment and wealthy individuals a professional, discreet and effective security service. With the ever-changing world of entertainment, comes the continual development and advancement of the traditional ways of ensuring the safety of the modern celebrity. RCI has up-dated the traditional face of celebrity and entertainment protection, by generating a secure method of protecting clients that is flexible, discreet and effective. Due to our client’s confidentiality, we do not divulge any specific information regarding individuals, companies or organizations we work for, unless they allow us to do so. Some of the clients we have been associated with in the past include:

Fashion Designers
Movie Celebrities
Entertainment Celebrities
Business Executives
Wealthy Individuals

This unique method of implementing celebrity protection and security allows us to provide a thorough and robust service that can be catered to the individual needs of our clients. In addition, Regency Consulting, Incorporated can deploy individual security personal and security teams discretely and efficiently to any environment, providing low key security or protective surveillance covering both domestic and international locations.

We offer a full range of security options to include:

Personal Close Protection
Residential & Family Protection
Travel & Venue Security
Security Transportation & Chauffeurs
Protection Security & Surveillance
Domestic & International Availability
Armored Vehicle Services
Airplane & Helicopter Services
Armed or Unarmed Bodyguards

RCI provides personnel that understand the industry trends and have the unique ability to blend into there surroundings but also show a physical deterrent when necessary. Our staff are capable of running any other duties while on task such as transportation, family and media liaison to allow the celebrity to focus on what they do best. If you need personal protection agents for individual security purposes while filming on location or within a studio, RCI can provide professional, experienced bodyguards to meet your needs or the requirements of your clients. We can designate agents for specific celebrities or cast members as well as an entire cast and crew.

We specialize in the protection of: High profile motion picture and television superstars, musical artists, professional athletes, politicians, diplomats, royalty, and corporate executives for everything from an evening on the town, family vacations, or business travel on commercial and private aircraft. We have a vast number of ex Special Forces and ex armed special branch police officers to protect you, should your threat level be high.

No matter where your travels take you, we can provide you with your own “personal secret service” to protect you and those you care about. We can arrange for limousines,armored vehicles, private jet charters, V.I.P. Tours and more. We provide highly trained armed and unarmed plain clothes bodyguards to keep you out of harms way 24 hours a day worldwide.

Using only experienced close protection operatives in this field, our bodyguards can blend in with the people and surroundings they have been assigned to – we can discreetly provide the necessary close protection, so that the subject can go about his or her daily activities.

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